Monday, June 18, 2007

An interesting sequel

Our longstanding readers may recall we expressed anxiety about the poor security lying behind the publication of government documents online from our previous blog Hidden Truths. We have pleasure in reporting on a strange new twist to the tale, an accusation that an eminent scientist has been murdered and one which also overlaps with another of our concerns, resistance to compulsory metrication.

Dr. David Kelly

Shocking new details about the death of Dr David Kelly have emerged on the Alex Jones radio show broadcast from Austin, Texas. Kelly was one of the most respected microbiologists in the UK and senior arms inspector in Iraq. Exclusively, in a lengthy interview with Jones, Michael Shrimpton, a leading British barrister, revealed that sources within MI5 and MI6 are `furious' that Kelly was murdered, it is argued, because he was such an effective source for the BBC in exposing UK and US government lies about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Michael Shrimpton

Many readers will be familiar with Michael Shrimpton as the lawyer who defended the Metric Martyrs and brought to the world's attention the new preposterous, Europhile concept of a hierarchy of Acts of Parliament enunciated by Mr. Justice Laws on the instructions of EU lawyers. Whereas in case law in the past when new legislation conflicted with old, the more recent statute was considered to outrank the older statute on the basis it represented Parliament's most recently expressed will, now we are led to believe, earlier legislation outranks later if it is classed as Constitutional. Thus the Metric Martyrs could be convicted under the European Communities Act 1972 even though it preceded the more recent Weights and Measures Act 1988 which permitted their actions. Constitutional history had been made.

Shrimpton spoke in depth about the details of Kelly's murder on 17 July 2003, offering information subsequently withheld by the British press.

With apparent backing from the organisations whose members he claims to speak for, Shrimpton presented their view that Dr Kelly had been murdered by a team of assassins and the charade of an apparent suicide was then played out to cover this up.

Speaking with impeccable credentials, including contributions to the Journal for International Security Affairs and having previously given a closed-doors confidential briefing to the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Shrimpton exploded the much-reported myth that Dr Kelly had taken his own life.

He spoke of the probable method of Kelly's death, the group which most likely carried out the assassination, who arranged it and finally where the responsibility lies. Additionally, he explained the political context and motive for Kelly's murder.

David Kelly went missing on 17 July 2003 and was found dead on 18th July. In the previous days, Kelly had testified before Parliament's Foreign Affairs Select Committee that he was not the source of a BBC story which had accused the Government of making false claims about Iraq's WMD. When Kelly's body was found, the British press quickly reported it as a suicide, though several analysts had their doubts.

On Jones' show, Shrimpton explained how he had learned that David Kelly was the BBC's source before the BBC disclosed this fact. He went on to explain that his source from within the intelligence community knew David Kelly personally, and did not believe that he had committed suicide. After making their own enquiries, says Shrimpton, this source determined that Dr Kelly had not committed suicide, but rather had been assassinated.

Apparently at ease to discuss these explosive disclosures, Shrimpton explained that there was advance knowledge of Kelly's death in Whitehall, but that the deed itself was most likely carried out by the French external security organisation, DGSE. There was no indication that anybody in MI5 or MI6 had been involved. He went further by suggesting that the hit squad itself was composed of Iraqis from the former regime's Mukhabarat intelligence organisation, recruited from Damascus with the help of Syria's own intelligence apparatus. They were apparently then flown into Corsica, seven days prior to the murder. He doubts that any of the hit-squad are still alive.

Officially, Kelly's body was said to have been found in a copse, in a wood, but the forensic tents were set up in the adjacent field, suggesting, says Shrimpton, that the body was found in the field. This has not been explained to his satisfaction.

The incision in Kelly's wrist was probably to conceal the injection of both Dextroprypoxythene, the active ingredient in Co-Proxamol, and Succinylcholine, a muscle relaxant, rather than as evidence of his bleeding to death, as highlighted by a group of six doctors in letters published in the British press. Shrimpton further agreed with the doctors by pointing out that Kelly only had one Co-Proxamol tablet in his body and that this was not sufficient to kill him.

According to Shrimpton, Kelly was murdered because he had been talking to the press and there was a fear of what else he might discuss with journalists. Furthermore, Kelly was due to return to Iraq and may have learned fresh information on that trip which Whitehall could not afford to trust him with.

Shrimpton's appearance on Jones' show gave him the first public opportunity to bring forward his information, since the story has been effectively censored by the British Press, who according to Shrimpton are concerned about losing the pro-Euro Tony Blair as Prime Minister were they to publish details of Kelly's assassination. Blair's departure, he says, could threaten Britain's proposed adoption of the Euro as the national currency.

Whilst this story begins to circulate in the USA, the coverage in the UK may well remain nil, whilst maneuvering behind the scenes attempts to pre-empt Shrimpton's accusation of government-sanctioned murder of one of its own operatives.

[Kelly was a former Porton Down scientist, a former UNSCOM arms inspector in Iraq, and latterly an adviser to the Ministry of Defence's Director of counter-proliferation and arms control. The Ministry of Defence paid his salary in that capacity but the Foreign Office in turn reimbursed the MoD.]

Infowars recording of Shrimpton's interview

Infowars transcript of Shrimpton's interview


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