Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ignorance Indeed

SQA is intrigued to learn that the sole character in the recently broadcast BBC4 Storyville drama set in 2055 and starring Pete Postlethwaite, The Age of Stupid, is an archivist. Intriguing, because he seems to have no archives despite manning the "Global Archive", yet another instance of the term archive coming to mean heritage collection generally. Books, films and scientific reports are referred to but not manuscripts or documentary heritage. Presumably so far into the future the Malvine Project has seen to that. However, we are confident he would qualify for membership of the Society of Archivists [sic]

Lord Monckton

In proceeding to review events leading up to 2010 (Copenhagen) and beyond, the Archivist fails to mention opposing evidence and the theme rapidly becomes the goal of redistributing western wealth to Third World countries, through the equally unmentioned New World Order. Few viewers will realise they are watching the blueprint for the ending of freedom and democracy and the means of generating wealth in the first place.

An emphasis is placed on India early in the film, observing the progress of Mr Jeh Wadia in establishing a new airline, Go Air. This culminates in a baffling and ambiguous conclusion that seems to endorse his polluting business, presumably an indication that India as one of the poorest countries in the world per capita, is entitled to expand while the west contracts. A YouTube video (see below) throws more light on this anomaly.

Antarctic ice shelves are referred to as collapsing but evidence so far shows they are stable (Cryosphere Today). How convenient that the British family featured have poor French and even the subtitles translate their pigeon French, it's almost as though the average British viewer could identify with them in handling the language of a nation so unpopular in Britain. In this, they are impliedly compared to the African villagers whose English is correspondingly patchy. Hurricane Katrina is dredged up despite a reduced collective intensity in storms and hurricanes in recent years (see Lord Monckton's video below). The crude evidence for Global Warming in the programme relies on the twin frailties of short term human memory and overwhelming anecdote, entirely from unqualified persons, with continuous reliance on news presenters and personalities and scant scientists. The producers and editors have clearly decided that earthy language will help the public relate to the subject. The foul language used throughout also panders to the lowest common denominator in ingratiating and persuasive techniques.

And there's a sub theme: while we're at it, let's bash the British Empire as well! And let's forget the slaves taken to north America and the West Indies were already enslaved and that slavery was not just associated with white empires but black African empires too. There are even three derisory cartoon features depicting Americans as fat, surely coming close to racism. This leads on to the programme's questionable arguments on matching world population to resources (which tie in with NWO depopulation plans, see Endgame below) despite increasing agricultural productivity and the advent of GM foods, which we have long been assured will feed the starving masses. The programme's theme is openly anti-capitalist despite demanding that first world countries transfer wealth to poorer countries under Copenhagen, leaving us to ask: where does the money come from once the capitalist countries have been bankrupted? Nowhere of course, it's a communist plan to reduce the world to a friable and manipulative condition.

FEMA coffins for opponents of Global Warmism

There is ironic reference to the collapse of society if Global Warming is not tackled, but this is precisely what Global Warmism is trying to achieve. Ideologies tending towards world domination are quickly passed over (we are asked to accept the failure of democracy it seems) but with no reference to the World World Order take-over. The usual communist ploy of associating social evils with capitalism is developed. The British man interviewed regrets the Holocaust along with man-made carbon emissions despite the fact the British and democratic society weren't responsible for the Holocaust and fought to defeat Germans, the actual perpetrators. How despicable to blame the British for the Holocaust.

The arrogant confidence of the programme makers extends to admitting "a total re-ordering of western society" is planned. Why? They are of course referring to the NWO. Reference to wind turbines is developed the "great wind resource", a commonly used lie, but see Christopher Booker on the subject, (Windfarms: one of the great deceptions of our time). The opposition to Global Warmism is apparently simply based on "bollocks". Compare this with the online petition signed by 31,000 scientists which rather contradicts the programme's strapline "the future climate events portrayed in this film are based on mainstream scientific projections."

We learn that the higher purpose is to eradicate poverty, thus revealed as the main purpose of the Warmists' agenda, not saving the planet.

There is no mention of the price we must pay. So what will really be achieved by Global Warmism? Higher taxes for the middle classes, more expensive fuel bills for the middle classes and the bankrupting of the western nations. Carbon rationing. The Communist dream will have come true! "Equal rights to the earth's resources" the programme promises us despite offering us nothing. There is more emphasis on this ideology than the science of global warming.

A playback of news commentary is included in the soundtrack: "it is confirmed: for the first time scientists confirm the link between Global Warming and the weather": Ho Ho Ho haven't they heard of Climategate (see Russian analysis below)? Floods in Bedfordshire are treated as a new phenomenon and are puerilely attributed to global warming but there is no mention of building increasingly on floodplains and consequent difficulties in surface water drainage.

The archivist of the Global Archive signs off by saying his work is "for who or whatever finds this recording" but actually seems to refer rather to his broadcast than his collection and no connection is made between his broadcast and the physical collection. Pity the finder who is denied access to the counter-argument; not a very good advertisement for archivists who are supposed to be neutral and objective.

We asked Benedict Crumplethorne, SQA's principal spokesman, for a comment.

Subservient supporters of the NWO and Global Warmism should take heed. The bottom is falling out of the Warmists' campaign as Copehagen has shown. Furthermore, the UK National Archives, which has endorsed Global Warming and man-made Climate Change theory, must be very uncomfortable following the recent so-called Climategate scandal, in view of their previous trumpetings about the University of East Anglia Hadley Research Centre's use of their holdings which will now forever be tainted with the latter's fraudulent distortion of data.

Professor Phil Jones's sentence I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) amd from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline will live forever. After all, TNA must prefer to be associated with reputable research and researchers. Sadly, as Lindsay Jenkins notes in a previous blog, this is less often the case nowadays. TNA must also be feeling uneasy that one of their board of management is Mark Addison, concurrently a non-executive director at Salix Finance, an independent company funded by the Carbon Trust to work with the public sector to reduce carbon emissions.

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