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The chicken has come home to roost

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) has appointed (or had appointed to it) its second Director and Deputy Keeper of the Records of Northern Ireland to have no archives or records background, setting a trend. Although a similar situation has existed at the UK National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) with the appointments of Sarah Tyacke or Natalie Ceeney, the same trend has been less evident outside London. The appointment of Ms. Ceeney led to journalist and historian Max Hastings and others decrying the development, as we reported in a previous blog post. The PRONI appointment has elicited a response from John Chambers, Chief Executive of the Archives and Records Association, which covers the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Maeve Walls
Mr. Chambers has corresponded with the minister concerned and received no reply. The main ground for the concern is that the relevant legislation, the Public Records Act(Northern Ireland) 1923 “states clearly that the Deputy Keeper should be ‘a fit person duly qualified by his knowledge of records’, that is to say someone with appropriate, credible and formal experience of the sector who can make judgements based on best professional practice and established standards and conventions” (quoting Chambers’ letter).
The concern about Maeve Walls’ background is compounded by the appointment having taken place surreptitiously, apparently without a competitive selection process.
SQA has an insight into what might be happening at PRONI. In view of the fact Ms Walls is a Fulbright scholar and Fulbright is partnered with Common Purpose (CP), it is reasonable to suppose there is a CP involvement. CP is a British based educational charity supported by the UK government whose “graduates” are embedded in public and private sector organisations to further the process of establishing socialist world dictatorship, also known as the New World Order (NWO). This process is necessarily one that starts in a national context. Lenin first laid down this principle in what he termed the National Revolutionary Subversion Process which is to say, the hollowing out of the western democracies from within. The process is best described by the famous Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci, as reported in an earlier post.

Thus this development looks like a drastic attempt to keep the NWO project culturally on track. Archives are again being targeted as a counter-revolutionary cultural threat to the NWO for which Northern Ireland has been something of a proving ground. General John de Chastelain, the NATO general brought in to assist with the NI peace process, supposedly from a non-partisan Canadian background in fact represented not only NATO but also the federal North American Union, the nascent superstate combining the USA, Canada and Mexico. General Chastelain is a director of the Forum of Federations, whose main aim seems to be the Balkanisation of existing federal regimes and the creation of new enlarged federations (like the EU and NAU) as stepping stones to world government…i.e. world dictatorship. In NI he thus played an important role in the process of devolution or Balkanisation in the UK.

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General John de Chastelain
Recent revelations have also shown that MI5 and MI6 were involved in the running of the IRA campaign, presumably as a precursor to NI’s part of the Balkanisation of the UK. If Martin McGuinness (MI6 codename “fisherman”) and Jerry Adams were working for British Intelligence it would help explain the NATO involvement in NI and the readiness of royalty to meet both men at the conclusion of the “Troubles”.

Image result for queen mcguinness adams
Martin McGuinness (left) and HRH The Prince of Wales, Patron of the Intelligence Services, in congenial mood
Lord James of Blackheath confirmed the extent of the government’s management of the IRA and its funding arrangements in a speech in the House of Lords, while the EU’s control of financial institutions extends to undermining attempts to deal with members of the NI judiciary who allegedly collude in fraud.
We asked our principal spokesman, Benedict Crumplethorne, for an analysis of the corruption of democratic accountability in NI.
The appointment echoes the appointment of Natalie Ceeney, a former employee of McKinsey, the controversial and secretive global consultancy firm known as the Jesuits of Capitalism, specialising in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors, who before that managed clinical services in the National Health Service. She has described herself as a "general manager". We reported on this in a previous blog. This looks like a similar development but it’s more than just another manifestation of the cult of managerialism.
My deduction is that Ms. Walls’ appointment is a continuation of the process of embedding CP change agents in the civil service in readiness for the next planned constitutional changes. Following the EU referendum in which NI voted remain, federalists no doubt believe NI is ready for positioning for attachment to the Republic and remaining in the EU. We can possibly also predict a ramping up of the process of the cultural attack on archives we have reported on elsewhere over the last few years, e.g. Ruskin College, Oxford.

Our main fear in SQA is that the Malvine Project and the mounting hostility to archives and archivists heralds the destruction of archival collections, perhaps by digitising them, using increasing storage challenges as a pretext for no longer preserving original archival material post digitisation. The Malvine Project seeks the same outcome but by more subtle means, by excluding the conservation and repair of archives unless they support federal projects including European integration, thereby making them less likely to survive as counter revolutionary cultural evidence.
You see, archives constitute evidence, which is why we keep them. But this evidence can be inconvenient because retrospection and historical evidence can be used against new political systems, so when radical change comes archives are necessarily destroyed as counter revolutionary. Our readership may well say they see no justification for this but of course we are dealing with what David Icke calls the “totalitarian tiptoe” approach.
This notwithstanding, it is refreshing to see ARA doing something, in marked contrast to the old Society of Archivists. Is it a vain hope that one day it might be a legal requirement for such office holders to be qualified, professional archivists?

We thanked Benedict for his insights.
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Will you stand by and watch?

Following on our recent blog about the trashing of Ruskin College, Oxford's archives SQA is saddened to learn of academic disappointment with the various archives advocacy, professional and umbrella organisations' record in intervening in or speaking up for archives under threat of closure, destruction or dispersal. This it transpires extends beyond Ruskin College to a surprising number of third sector organisations including the Women's Library (London Metropolitan University), the Scottish Roman Catholic Church, the Law Society's Mendham Collection held by the University of Kent at Canterbury and Canterbury Cathedral Library.

Where's the fire brigade?

This disappointment is expressed by Anne Summers in a post entitled Archives: A House on Fire? on History Workshop Online

In her post Ms. Summers echoes many of SQA's concerns down the years, levelling at the National Archives, Archives and Records Association (ARA) and the Parliamentary Group on Archives and History the accusation that they have been conspicuously quiet and ineffective in defending archives. It is an indictment on these organisations that Summers can say in 2012 "no single body in Britain holds the ring for archives". She goes on to accuse "those bodies who do have a protective remit of gross dereliction of duty." Furthermore, her approaches to ARA and the Parliamentary Group for further information went either unanswered or even unacknowledged.

The best metaphor to emerge from Ms. Summers' article is that of the burning house. Let us quote her in full.

The other day I stood politely at a reception at the House of Lords, organised to launch the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives, as representatives of The National Archives and of the all-party group talked about the good work they did issuing guidelines for the care and maintenance of organisational records. It was as if a bunch of firefighters were handing out leaflets on fire prevention while standing, apparently oblivious, next to a blazing building. When are they going to get out the hoses?

This picture contrasts with the official public image of the National Archives as national leader for archives under recent arrangements following the demise of the Museums, Libraries and Arts Council and its allies at the launch of the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives attended by Tristram Hunt MP, chairman of the Parliamentary Group on Archives and History and Oliver Morley, Keeper of the Public Records and Chief Executive of the National Archives. Ms. Summers might have added that for good measure that ARA had just completed its self-congratulatory annual conference where members were at least able to put out fires of a different kind at Horatio's Bar on Brighton Pier.

So far, so good. Ms. Summers has drawn the appropriate conclusions about the archives umbrella organisations in the UK. However, like other bystanders watching the house on fire, she has yet to see through the smoke and identify the real nature of the malaise. Conspiracy theorising doesn't come easily to self-respecting acamedics, even after considering and excluding all rational explanations and in face of the fact that nearly all conspiracy theories are borne out. Katherine K. Young, professor of religious studies at McGill University, states "the fact remains, however, that not all conspiracies are imagined by paranoids. Historians show that every real conspiracy has had at least four characteristic features: groups, not isolated individuals; illegal or sinister aims, not ones that would benefit society as a whole; orchestrated acts, not a series of spontaneous and haphazard ones; and secret planning, not public discussion."

Where is national archives legislation? Why are archival collections not listed or scheduled like historic buildings?

Conspiracy in the corridors of power is not far to seek. Alongside the inocuous sounding Parliamentary Group on Archives and History is the Parliamentary Group on World Government which aims to steer the UK towards submission to unaccountable collectivist world government. How could any world government ever be accountable? The EU, itself the product of a deception plan in the UK and beyond is a good enough indicator of corruption and dictatorship on the supra-national scale and it's only just warming up.

Just as in Fahrenheit 451, Britain's firefighters are not there to put out fires. They are there to start them and stoke them.

How best to explain the real agenda to the uninitiated? Well, we are talking about dialecticalism, as in Soviet or Communist dialecticalism. By way of example of how things aren't always what they seem, we refer to the declassified US Government document entitled in brief "Food for Peace", authored by Henry Kissinger, which outlined how to use US food aid to stabilise unstable regions. Suspicions arose among journalists and academics when civil and regional wars flared up in regions targeted for food aid, as though the effect of US policy was to inflame traditional divides and racial hatred not quell them. Eventually, the policy document emerged and it became plain it could be read as a manual for destabilisation rather than stabilisation, hence dialecticalism.

So welcome to the world of archives dialecticalism!

However, SQA wonders whether leftist-leaning academics might have only themselves to blame for this continuing trend…..we call to mind Lenin's useful idiots.

Antonio Gramsci

Among Lenin’s contributions was the theory of the vanguard. Since the proletariat masses would never rise up, Lenin argued that it was necessary for a relatively small number of vanguard leaders—professional revolutionaries—to advance the revolutionary cause by working themselves into positions of influence. By taking over the commanding heights of labor unions, the press, the universities, professional and religious organizations, a relatively few number of revolutionaries could multiply their influence and exercise political leverage over their unwitting constituents and society at large......While Lenin was seizing power in Russia , Antonio Gramsci was emerging as a leading Marxist theoretician in Italy and would found the Italian Communist Party in 1921. After being imprisoned by Mussolini, the Fascist Prime Minister of Italy, Gramsci authored what came to be called the Prison Notebooks, partially published in 1947 and in complete form in 1975, a legacy that made him one of the most important Marxist thinkers of the 20th century. Gramsci argued that power for the communist is best attained in developed, industrialized societies such as Europe and the United States through “the long march through the institutions.” This would be a gradual process of radicalization of the cultural institutions—“the superstructure”—of bourgeois society, a process that would in turn transform the values and morals of society. Gramsci believed that as society’s morals were softened its political and economic foundation would be more easily smashed and restructured.......Cultural Marxism was also in vogue at the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University in Germany —that is until 1933 when the Nazis came to power. Many members of the Frankfurt School, such as Herbert Marcuse, Eric Fromm, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkeimer and William Reich fled to the United States, where they ultimately found their way into professorships at various elite universities such as Berkeley, Columbia, and Princeton. In the context of American culture, “the long march through the institutions” meant, in the words of Herbert Marcuse, “working against the established institutions while working in them.” The countercultural influence of radicals like Marcuse and Gramsci has been advanced more by insinuation and infiltration than by confrontation. Their “quiet” revolution was intended to be diffused throughout the culture, over a period of time, to remake society.
Scott Powell, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute in Seattle and author of Covert Cadre.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The NWO comes to Ruskin College, Oxford

SQA has performed the sad duty of reporting the destruction of archives previously, in Dublin and Iraq and we have looked at the development of threats to documentary heritage whether at the hands of the EU, Common Purpose run Plymouth City Council or NATO.

Ruskin College, Oxford

It is reassuring in a strange sort of way that we are not alone in recognising these events and threats as evidenced in our previous post.

Lord Prescott

This time we turn our attention to the city of dreaming spires, a place, we might have supposed, that was impervious to cultural vandalism. Ruskin College, a bastion of academic support to the Labour movement for a century, has destroyed a large part of its historical administrative records and it seems is set on a course to destroy more. The college has attempted to refute allegations in its latest news pages but this article has something of spin about it. In view of the specific concerns expressed about named record series not mentioned by the college's spin doctors, SQA judges the critics' statements more credible. Leading the critics is Dr. Hilda Kean, a former dean of the college. She provides some background and detail in her article and leading academics have written in protest to The Guardian

Dr. Hilda Kean

Denise Pakeman, a graduate of the college, provides horrifying corroboration in another article. It seems the scandal first came to the attention of the wider public through an article in The Daily Telegragh of 5 October 2012.

Readers of SQA will not be surprised to know that SQA's main priority is to understand exactly how this situation came about. Too often observers focus on the local circumstances or at best seek to explain closures, cuts and under-investment through the convenient national debt crisis. However, to SQA it is clear a pattern has been emerging. We asked Benedict Crumplethorne, principal spokesman for SQA, for his thoughts on developments at Ruskin College.

I am saddened to hear about the partial loss of of the college's archives. However, I am not surprised. This is the latest evidence of two long term trends in the history of British archives, firstly preventable loss exacerbated by lack of safeguards in the form of legislation, which so far extends to protecting other heritage such as historic buildings, ancient monuments, sites of special scientific interest and archaeological remains, etc.; secondly, we are seeing deliberate and systematic cultural vandalism as previously witnessed in Dublin, Iraq and Kosovo. Archives are an anomaly. It is unlikely we will get the necessary legislation because archives have been identified as more damaging to the communist Common Purpose political agenda. To legislate to protect archives would undermine the Communist subversion process. Archives are dangerous because they constitute evidence of previous systems but buildings, archaeology and other cultural remains are less easy for the layman to date, let alone interpret.

We are seeing yet another microcosm of this plan at work. Whilst genuinely motivated, the supporters of Ruskin College's archives fail to see the wider context, something SQA has previously bemoaned in the case of commentators on changes at West Sussex Record Office. The macrocosm is globalist war against all evidence of the nation state, seen as the stumbling block to regional and world government. We note the irony in Lord Prescott's support for the archives: he was the mentor of Julia Middleton, founder of Common Purpose.

To help people understand why the Labour movement should want to destroy its documentary heritage, we should look at the party political events of the months leading up to the 2010 General Election. The Liberal Democrats were negotiating with both Conservatives and Labour to form a coalition government. They could have done this with either but chose the Conservatives. That is by-the-by. However, we see even more significance in David Cameron's New Year's Message for 2010. In this, he stated there were no longer any major policy differences between Labour and Conservatives. Thus it is clear the main political parties have all but merged. They have reached this point because they must obey the treaties, directives, rules, regulations and judgments of the European Union and the European Court of Justice which mean that which ever party is in power, there can be no policy difference, as policy is made by the collectivising EU and its Corpus Juris and Aquis Commaunitaire.

Now do you understand? The new politics is internationalism, globalism and integrationism. The archives of Ruskin College and its Old Labour traditions have no part in this unheralded revolution. More than that, they embarrass the political elite.
We thanked Benedict for this enlightening contribution.

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The Party said that Oceania had never been in alliance with Eurasia. He, Winston Smith, knew that Oceania had been in alliance with Eurasia as short a time as four years ago. But where did that knowledge exist? Only in his own consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated. And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed -- if all records told the same tale -- then the lie passed into history and became truth. Who controls the past, ran the Party slogan, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. And yet the past, though of its nature alterable, never had been altered. Whatever was true now was true from everlasting to everlasting. It was quite simple. All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. Reality control, they called it: in Newspeak, doublethink.

George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four, published in 1949.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

We're not alone

It isn't quite clear yet to most archivists and their users that the economic crisis has been manufactured and is intended to serve as a pretext for restructuring, much like perestroika in Soviet Russia. Like the general public, heritage professionals continue to believe we are the victims of some kind of natural even cyclical economic decline, recession or depression, almost like cyclical climatological or oceanographic events such as global cooling, global warming, exceptionally high tides and floods. Nothing could be further from the truth. They haven't heard of the Bilderberg Group.

We have revealed previously that government and public sector spending is set to increase, not decrease, in coming financial years. Still the penny hasn't dropped and redundancies and cutbacks in archive repositories and other heritage services are being taken stoically, almost as a duty. Soon, maybe, archivists and their users will notice that while archive services contract, other local government and public sector services expand as resources are re-aligned in a quiet cultural revolution. And revolution it is: an attack aimed at the cultural heritage which supports the inconvenient old world order and national identity.

SQA is grateful to Stop Common Purpose (and also see)for bringing to its attention an intelligently observed contribution to this subject from Brandon Smith over at Alt-Market, in an article entitled The Collectivist War Against Cultural Heritage.

We feel compelled to reproduce the article in its entirety here.

Naturally, every age thinks that all ages before it were prejudiced, and today we think this more than ever and are just as wrong as all previous ages that thought so. How often have we not seen the truth condemned! It is sad but unfortunately true that man learns nothing from history. (Carl Jung)
Two things make man what he is; his soul, and his memory. Lose one, or both, and he ceases to exist. He might as well buzz over his own garbage like an insect. When a society is drawn into the repugnant shadow of totalitarianism and collectivism, it is usually because the masses have abandoned (or been enticed to abandon) a piece of their inner and outer heritage, something which kept the darkness at bay, a lesson from the past, or a principle long honored. In the wretched and psychotic quest for the “perfect” establishment system, we are even often encouraged by the elitist ilk to slough off the warm remnants of our cultural inheritance like so much skin and “look forward” to a bright and more promising tomorrow, where everything will be different, and certainly, better than today.

The ideological brand of so-called progress that we call “collectivism” relies heavily on the notion that the values of the past are inadequate to the requirements of the future. We are taught by the peddlers of collectivist propaganda that our beliefs and our principles must evolve along with the perceived growth of our species as a whole. They see themselves as visionaries and prophets foretelling a grand reinvention of the world that we laymen are unequipped to imagine or understand. We cling to the old ways because we are “afraid of change”, or too ignorant to fathom the beauty of their Utopian beyond…

Pretentious bile? Absolutely. However, within the rhetoric and strategies of the collectivist agenda there are treasures to behold; reoccurring themes and indicators that can be found in nearly every modern tyranny and most ancient tyrannies that have ever existed. Words and actions that warn us of the true intent of the elite.

The fact is, collectivists drive so hard to admonish respect for the past because every lie they tell us now has been told before a thousand times, to build a thousand gruesome empires.

The Futurists

To gain an insight into the stunted philosophy that underlies collectivism, globalization, centralism, socialism, communism, fascism, etc., it is important to acknowledge the ways in which these systems seduce the public. Many people find themselves inadequate to the era in which they are born, or, believe their era inadequate to them. They wish they could live in a more enlightened age. They wish they could leap ahead in time and know what the next generations will know. They fear that they will die as obscure beings in an obscure moment of history devoid of discovery or legacy. People prone to collectivist fantasies seek to escape the struggles of their present life and transport themselves to a place where mankind has triumphed over the adversities of the “mundane” to frolic like gods amongst the stars.

Now, imagine you are one of these desperate men or women, and someone promises you in a rather convincing manner that their system of social structure and governance will bring that sterling-silver-gravity-defying-Star-Trek-future to you. What would you be willing to trade for even a glimpse into the next epoch? Some, sadly, are willing to trade everything, including their freedoms.

A movement from the early 1900’s called Futurism is a perfect example of this obsession with progress that sacrifices the lessons of the past. A quasi-art movement that also included political activism, the Futurists believed that in order for a society to flourish, it had to amputate its past. For them, all that was old was now useless, and only technological and cultural supremacy over nature could redeem humanity. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, the Futurists reveled in the rise of Fascism in Italy and Germany and supported it fully until they found their club did not necessarily fit into the social engineering programs of Mussolini and Hitler. In Russia, the Futurists also embraced Communism, searching for that far off prosperous sci-fi land. Leon Trotsky even wrote of the Futurists, though he attempted to separate Communist Futurists from the more “vulgar” and “naïve” Fascist Futurists:

"...Futurism is against mysticism, against the passive deification of nature, against the aristocratic and every other kind of laziness, against dreaminess, and against lachrymosity – and stands for technique, for scientific organization, for the machine, for planfulness, for will power, for courage, for speed, for precision, and for the new man, who is armed with all these things. The connection of the aesthetics “revolt” with the moral and social revolt is direct; both enter entirely and fully into the life experience of the active, new, young and untamed section of the intelligentsia of the left, the creative Bohemia. Disgust against the limitations and the vulgarity of the old life produces a new artistic style as a way of escape, and thus the disgust is liquidated. In different combinations, and on different historic bases, we have seen the disgust of the intelligentsia form more than one new style. But that was always the end of it. This time, the proletarian Revolution caught Futurism in a certain stage of its growth and pushed it forward. Futurists became Communists..."

The value of Futurism, for Trotsky, was measured by the extent to which the movement extolled communist virtues (he felt that they were not living up to his standards). In his mind, of course, the two systems (fascism/communism) were different. For the Futurists, though, each form of despotism held the same magnetic charm. They were collectivists at heart, and to them, the two systems were essentially the same. Both demanded that society cast off large portions of the past that were seen as “archaic” and stifling to progress. Both systems waged war on values long held by the citizenry.

The Purge

A distaste or hatred of heritage is very common at the onset of any collectivist restructuring. These restructurings usually target principles of individual liberty and self governance while masquerading as a fight against oppression or corruption. The old principles are either presented as too outdated and insufficient to deal with the new problems of a culture, or, they are presented as the actual SOURCE of the problems of that culture. In either case, the elites wielding the collectivist machine inevitably call for a purge of all bygone ideals.

In Communist China, Mao instituted the Cultural Revolution, which encouraged the mindlessly mesmerized collectivists in the Chinese populace to destroy everything which represented the past. Artwork, buildings, historical artifacts, books; even teachers and proponents of any brand of pre-communist heritage were targeted.

In Fascist Germany, the Nazis destroyed countless books and manuscripts, rewrote German history, censored and removed thousands of artworks, instituting state designated artforms that depicted the collectivist vision of the new society.

In Russia, the Communists focused intently not only on liquidating manuscripts extolling the methods of different eras, but also the people who wrote them. Under Lenin and Stalin, the goal was to annihilate the memory of the world before, even if it meant annihilating the masses along with it.

A complete reformation of educational infrastructure came next. The children of the collectivist age had to be indoctrinated as if there had never been another way of doing things.

These purges, as numerous examples have shown, are only temporary. The great conundrum for the elites has not only been the obstacle of memory, but the obstacle of the soul; that inherent quality in human beings that compels us to pursue freedom, balance, and truth, regardless of the constraints of our environment. The documents and remnants of heritage that oligarchs seek to destroy are ultimately only expressions of our inborn consciences. Deep down in each person, no matter what they have been conditioned to believe, there is a well-spring of vital ideas that conflict with the mechanizations of collectivism. Individualism finds a way to surface, and so, the central rulers must start over once again, looking for an insurmountable method of control.

The American Heritage Under Siege

One simple fact remains: As long as Americans continue to esteem the vision expressed in the U.S. Constitution, Bill Of Right, and Declaration Of Independence, there can be no collectivism in this country. The Constitutional Republic formed through revolution against despotism by the Founding Fathers is a solid antithesis to outright tyranny. So, it only follows that the “Futurists” of today and the puppeteers who pull their strings would do absolutely everything in their power to distance the public as far as possible away from the heritage of those documents and that time.

Much like the Cultural Revolution in China, though moving at a slower and more subversive pace, our history is being purged and rewritten to accommodate a centralized dream of the new America. This dream hinges on the suggestion that the Constitutional structure is outdated, and that it must be remodeled to accommodate the burgeoning Globalist paradigm. Our own sitting president has voiced similar arguments in the past:

"…the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society. To that extent, as radical as I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, at least as it’s been interpreted, and the Warren Court interpreted in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf…"

See New York Times

Video Gretchen Carlson: The Constitution Is Outdated To Deal With Terrorists

Video Video Obama's Buddy Fareed Zakaria Says Dump The Constitution?

American Futurists complain that the Constitution is too restrictive on government, and that it prevents the establishment from making changes quickly. But where they see a lack of adaptation, I see critical checks and balances. Where they see archaic law, I see timeless principles of conscience that will remain relevant for all eternity. Where they see progress in globalism, socialism, and collectivism, I see a devolvement into the dark ages of feudalism. How “new” and progressive is Globalism really? Is it not more reasonable to say that the idea of a free decentralized and sovereign republic whose first mission is to protect personal rights is much more rare and advanced than yet another elitist stab at centralized domination?

Is the Constitution a "perfect document"? No. I don't know that there is such a thing. What I do know, though, is that there is no one currently in government with the wisdom or intelligence needed to rewrite the document to be more balanced than it already is. I welcome critics to name any person they think is legitimately qualified.

The Founders designed the Constitution to limit the powers of federal government for a reason! Take a look at the stunning array of liberty rending executive orders that Barack Obama has issued in the course of the past four years. Now imagine that he and Congress had free reign to etch those orders into the Constitution at will. What possible meaning would the document have then? The Constitution was never meant to be a tool of government. It was meant to be a tool (a necessary tool) for the people to restrain government. The futurists muse like children over this concept but fail tragically to grasp it.

Despite the obvious faulty logic within the “outdated” argument, the propaganda has hit full steam in recent years. In federally funded schools around the country, American history before the Civil War is no longer taught, and Constitutional studies are almost unheard of:

See Florida Standards

The space in curriculum created by the removal of the American Revolution and everything else important to the birth of the country has been filled with what teachers now refer to as “Global Studies”. What do global studies entail? Why not ask the organizations that write the study guidelines, like ‘Facing The Future’:

"I use Facing the Future [lessons] to complement many other materials. I have all of the kids read Global Issues and Sustainable Solutions, as an introductory overview. Then students break into groups to research some of the topics, like governance, climate change, or world view. They have different ways of looking at the future after reading this…”

"We use United Nations materials. I bring in a lot of guest speakers, even someone that was a defense attorney in the World Court. I've brought in scientists who are experts on climate change, we use Al Gore’s film [An Inconvenient Truth], lots of websites that I just let kids dig into…”

See Facing the Future

Or, we could ask children in Seattle private schools, who are being taught the “evils” of property rights, and how individual ownership hurts the collective:

"…the students had been building an elaborate "Legotown," but it was accidentally demolished. The teachers decided its destruction was an opportunity to explore "the inequities of private ownership." According to the teachers, "Our intention was to promote a contrasting set of values: collectivity, collaboration, resource-sharing, and full democratic participation."

The children were allegedly incorporating into Legotown "their assumptions about ownership and the social power it conveys." These assumptions "mirrored those of a class-based, capitalist society -- a society that we teachers believe to be unjust and oppressive...."

See Ideas in Action

This eradication of original American values is taking place on every level of our society, even in law enforcement, which is now infamously illustrated by the FEMA indoctrination of police officers in the video below to consider the Founding Fathers “terrorists”

Video FEMA Says Founding Fathers Are Terrorists

If attacks on foundational heritage are a warning sign of centralized oligarchy and collectivism as this article outlines, then America is in imminent peril. These changes never go quietly, and are invariably surrounded by economic depression, collapse, war, and death. From the ashes of confusion and decay inspired by collectivists, the next elitist experiment is born. The mad science of the Futurists must not be allowed to prevail here…

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seeing is believing

SQA has previously enquired into the undermining of history as a subject at school and the decline in the numbers of historical researchers and in the standard of their critical analysis. One such instance was our blog on Professor Frank Furedi's article, Where have all the intellectuals gone?

We have also noted the dumbing-down of captions and interpretation in archives, museums and exhibitions (see here and here). Consequently, our attention was drawn to the strange development of the UK government including the official version of the events of 11 September 2001 in the school curriculum, specifically and openly to contradict and confound so-called conspiracy theorists. In view of our professional interests in promoting a future generation of well educated students and adult researchers and our own entirely separate concern with the centrality and value of evidence in the form of archives, and research skills, SQA has looked into the events of that day, to ascertain whether the doubters really are conspiracy theorists or whether the authorities in attributing the events to terrorists, have an ulterior motive.

Boris Johnson: supports the official US Government conspiracy theory

If the latter, we may need to be concerned for the survival of our documentary heritage in the face of an organised international conspiracy to subvert evidence of any kind. If the so-called conspiracy theorists are wrong, we still need to be concerned at suppression of dissent which as an expression of advanced critical faculties in any society, especially a democracy, is something to be developed rather than suppressed......unless people in high places have something to hide. In the UK, Common Purpose members in senior positions push the official US government conspiracy theory. Boris is not alone. We conclude our preamble with a quotation from our previous blog:

Political correctness. The name given to the first of the four stages of the long term Soviet/Leninist ideological subversion of the world's nation states (the national revolutionary subversion process) leading to world communist government: demoralisation, destabilisation, crisis and normalisation. The first stage, demoralisation, comprises ideological attacks on orthodox Christianity, education, the media and culture leading to charismania (worship of false heroes and role models), Luciferian fog, ignorance of history, addictive fads, groupthink, acceptance of lies and the emergence of the common mind.

The so-called conspiracy theorists, who prefer to call themselves the Truth Movement or Truthers, can trace their origins to the controversy aroused by the Waco massacre in Texas in 1993 and the early broadcasts of Alex Jones from Austin, Texas in 1999.

The Truth Movement received a boost in 2007 when the former Italian president, Francisco Cossiga, stated in the Corriere della Serra newspaper, that according to his sources in Italian intelligence agencies, the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Mossad. Here is the original text from the edition of 30 November that year:

Da ambienti vicini a Palazzo Chigi, centro nevralgico di direzione dell'intelligence italiana, si fa notare che la non autenticità del video è testimoniata dal fatto che Osama Bin Laden in esso 'confessa' che Al Qaeda sarebbe stato l'autore dell'attentato dell'11 settembre alle due torri in New York, mentre tutti gli ambienti democratici d'America e d'Europa, con in prima linea quelli del centrosinistra italiano, sanno ormai bene che il disastroso attentato è stato pianificato e realizzato dalla Cia americana e dal Mossad con l'aiuto del mondo sionista per mettere sotto accusa i Paesi arabi e per indurre le potenze occidentali ad intervenire sia in Iraq sia in Afghanistan».

In translation:

From circles around Palazzo Chigi, nerve centre of the directing of Italian intelligence, it is noted that the non-authenticity of the video is testified from the fact that Osama bin Laden in it 'confessed' that Al Qaeda was the author of the attack of the 11 September on the Twin Towers in New York, while all of the democratic circles of America and of Europe, in the front lines being those of the Italian centre-left, now know well that the disastrous attack was planned and realized by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and to persuade the Western powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(Translation courtesy RumormillNews, edited by SQA)

(The video he refers to is the fake CIA video of Osama Bin Laden's confession to the 9/11 attacks.)

No credible western government source has effectively contradicted Cossiga.

On 8 July 2005, the day following 7/7 or the so-called London Bombings, Robin Cook, former UK Foreign Secretary, wrote an article in The Guardian revealing that Al-Qaida had been set up by the CIA. This was the first time the general public had been made aware Al-Qaida was a CIA front organisation and by a senior public figure at that, someone who had had the highest security clearance as Foreign Secretary. He was dead within a month.

Before looking at the events of 9/11, it is worth recalling the policy document compiled by the think tank Project for the New American Century, entitled Rebuilding American Defences (p.51), in which the authors state:

Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor

This document predated the 9/11 attacks, published in September 2000. The reference to Pearl Harbor is not just a reference to how that event reversed the United States policy of isolationism and drew it into the Second World War. The reference instead hints that some future event of similar proportions would be necessary to serve as the pretext for a change in US foreign and domestic policy and the undermining of the Constitution. It would be no good awaiting a convenient accident of history. Pearl Harbor was planned, not accidental. Thus a new Pearl Harbor type event is one that will also need to be planned, so that in turn the desired outcomes can be achieved without public or international resistance.

By remarkable coincidence, a slightly earlier document, an article entitled Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger, published in 1997 in the journal Foreign Affairs by the Council on Foreign Relations, predicted a large scale terrorist attack with effects similar to Pearl Harbor and creating a threat to the US Constitution. Also by strange coincidence its co-author Philip D. Zelikow subsequently became Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission. (See also James Corbett's critique of Zelikow as an historian)

Note: many of the hit figures for the YouTube videos below have been reduced by Google (owners of YouTube) in connection with the tenth anniversary of the attacks. For more information on this pro-NWO tactic of Google, see Alex Jones and here

The World Trade Centre, New York 1993

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) attempts to blow up the WTC, video clip courtesy The Corbett Report

The events of September 11 2001

World Trade Centre, New York

Building No.2, the South Tower was struck at 09.03 supposedly by United Airlines Flight 175 and collapsed at 09.59

Faked smoke plume

Famous live TV footage of "nose in, nose out" 'plane impact, deleted from later broadcasts

Conflicting videos of second aircraft flight path

The same supposed aircraft Flight 175 is shown approaching on a level course; and by a different camera making a steep descent.

Building No.1, the North Tower was struck at 08.46 supposedly by American Airlines Flight 11 and "collapsed" at 10.28

Landing gear planted

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Seismic graph confirms use of high-speed military demolition explosives after aircraft impact and prior to collapse

CNN affiliate's WABC live coverage of aftermath of attack on first tower containing slip of tongue by Vince Cellini, CNN sports anchor (and presumed CIA media operative) who in interviewing witness, begins to say "missile" before correcting himself, at 6:33 into this video (and see subsequent interviews of witnesses reporting missile attack)

Fox TV studio anchor (presumed CIA media operative) panics and makes live request for a Grade 9 CIA operative on board helicopter 5 to respond at 4:35 in this video

Documentary by Richard D. Hunt of (a) confirming the Radar plots of the object that struck Building No.1 but also confirming its speed, at 583 MPH too fast to be a Boeing 767 at sea level and (b) showing how the starboard wing imprint of Flight 11 was fabricated post-impact

Building No.7 "collapsed" at 17.20

The BBC reports the collapse of Building No.7 (the "Saloman Brothers"' building) while it is still standing
The BBC refunds TV licence fee for bias in the premature announcement of the collapse of Building No.7 as above, courtesy UKColumn 21 December 2012, probably confirming the reporter was working to a script, based on evidence accepted in court. Subsequent failure of prosecution for failing to have a TV licence as the defendant objected to financing the BBC's complicity in terrorism

Secondary explosions

George W. Bush claims to have seen the first 'plane impact on live TV although it was only shown later in the day

7 of the 19 alleged terrorists did not die on 9/11

Video by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth (AE911truth)

Danish TV news interview with Niels Harrit on unreacted thermite found in WTC dust

Dr. Harrit's own video recording of his interview with Michael Rudin of the BBC for the BBC Conspiracy Theories series, illustrative of the BBC's bias. NB lasts over two hours.

Dr. Harrit and collaborators' paper in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, 2, 7-31

Mossad agents arrested in New York after celebrating the WTC attack and expelled for spying, admit their purpose was to record the event

The mysterious destruction of WTC Building No.6 at 09.04, prior to the collapse of the North and South Towers and Building No.7, see Jack White's 911 Studies website

Pentagon, Virginia, struck supposedly by American Airlines Flight 77 at 09.38

Yahoo says:

A report issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers [ASCE] revealed that this damage was consistent with the 124ft wingspan of the airliner, as the wings would have not directly blasted through the Pentagon structure. The ASCE found that one of Flight 77’s wings hit the floor before impact while the other was broken off by the Pentagon’s load bearing columns – debunking the theory that the Pentagon was hit by a missile or smaller government jet.

So where are the wings and skidmarks?

Undamaged lawn at the Pentagon

US Government own-goal video clip, probably accidentally released, shows cruise missile striking the Pentagon click here (courtesy Veterans Today)

Close-up of same clip click here

Commentary on new clip by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today click here

Video by Pilots for 911 Truth debunking the official version of events

Shanksville, Pennsylvania, supposed crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 at 10.06

Eyewitness Susan McElwain describes seeing a cruise missile, see here and here

Aerial photograph of 1994 in local studies library shows "wing scar" was already present

Mobile (cell) 'phone calls made were not possible over 8000'

Dr. July Wood, former professor of mechanical engineering's directed energy weapon theory and website

Videos of interviews with Dr. Wood developing her theory based on her book Where did the towers go? courtesy Project Avalon

Further reading and viewing

Interview of Former Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent Alan Hart who says on air that Israeli Mossad did 9/11, The Kevin Barrett Show 25 May 2010

Evidence of facial "morphing" or faking of photographs of 911 victims or so-called vicsims video 9/11 VicSims: The Memorials courtesy YouTube (one vicsim photo contains the metadata can someone fix this photo so that there is no line running down his face, confirming photos were altered
Further video on morphing of vicsims' faces (out of 2,970 people listed, only 446 appear in the Social Security death index. Of those only 249 have a confirmed death certificate on file. Of those, not a single one has a valid “last address of record” on file) (courtesy
September Clues

Flights 11 and 77 were not scheduled flights

A video documentary by Dave vonKleist: In Plane Sight

9/11 Ripple Effect

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined



The Obama Deception

Video on mysterious deaths suffered by 911 witnesses and activists

One Nation Under Siege video

Professor Hans Kochler, Chair for Political Philosophy, University of Innsbruck, Austria, Visiting Professor, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila, Honorary Professor, Pamukkale University, Turkey and Co-President, International Academy for Philosophy, analyses the nature and ambition of the post Cold War global conspiracy and 9/11 as its vehicle video

Niloufer Bhagwat, Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at University of Mumbai, discusses the 9/11 false flag attacks and their geopolitical context at the “9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth” conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012 video

Professor Graeme MacQueen, founding Director, Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University and co-editor of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, speaks to the “9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth” conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012, on the subject of the false flag anthrax attacks also of 2001 video

Article on the seismic evidence for explosive demolition of the WTC, by Dr. Andree Rousseau, formerly of the National Center for Scientific Research, France, in the Journal of 9/11 Truth vol. 34, November 2012

We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."

David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One more nail in the coffin

The Common Purpose inspired assault on heritage, including and especially archives, continues unabated. SQA has watched and reported on this process for seven years now.

The latest victim (with question marks still hanging over several local government record offices) is West Sussex County Record Office. This office has been stripped of staff despite its increasing stock and the record office's potential to contribute to learning for all ages and sections of the community but is now set to lose the post of County Archivist. It is undergoing a merger with the West Sussex Coroner and County Council's Registration Service, both of which teams will be co-located with the record office.

Retiring: County Archivist Richard Childs

The effect of this is not only to curtail the activities and functions of the record office but to blur the function of archives in the public mind and of course ultimately in the social engineers' plan to divert those intellectually curious, investigative and analytical members of the public away from their documentary heritage. This is because documentary heritage constitutes evidence of how our ancestors arrived at the democratic systems of our immediate past. By detaching the public from their heritage, in the broadest sense of the term, it becomes possible to mould a new mentality more accepting of the European Union and the New World Order (NWO).

While to those unititiated in the dark arts of the NWO this may seem far-fetched, the evidence is available on the Internet (at least until it becomes subject to fully-fledged censorship), * in abundance. SQA has previously noted this very same process at work in Iraq and elsewhere.

The strategy was first revealed to the popular English speaking audience by Dr. Richard Drayton, senior lecturer in history at Cambridge University, writing in The Guardian of 28 December 2005, in an article entitled "Shock, awe and Hobbes have backfired on America's neocons". We quote Drayton from our earlier blog: "it has been usual to explain the chaos and looting in Baghdad, the destruction of infrastructure, ministries, museums and the national library and archives, as caused by a failure of Rumsfeld's planning." But the German newspaper [Suddeutsche Zeitungquotes] quotes US soldiers as saying to looters "go in Ali Baba, it's all yours!" and Drayton explains this was a deliberate part of the US strategy which he says was "at least in part a mask for the destruction of the collective memory and modern state of a key Arab create a hunger for the occupier's supervision." Thus regime change is only a small part of the changes being enforced on Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya. The end game is total subservience to the NWO.

The contributor of a valedictory letter in the Chichester Observer, Kim Leslie, West Sussex Record Office Education Officer 1970-2007, suggests West Sussex County Council is making these changes "so the grading and level of the [County Archivist] post fits neatly into new management structures being implemented throughout West Sussex County Council". Clearly he hasn't been reading SQA's previous reports. When yet another county council downgrades the post of chief archivist, reduces staff and blurs the boundaries between different services and in doing so simply repeats a process that has now cut a swathe across England, it doesn't take a genius to work out there is a national or even an international force at work.

This is not just a local internal reorganisation. This is made abundantly clear by virtue of the similarities between changes made in widely geographically separated authorities and can be glimpsed by even a cursory reference to Archon, the National Archives' online directory of record offices which includes job titles. Examples of such far flung offices are Kent, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

It would also appear the office's reliance on or appreciation of its worthy volunteers is not understood in the same context as the deliberate erosion of heritage. While West Sussex Record Office's volunteers no doubt significantly pre-date the so-called Big Society, it needs to be understood that the Big Society which many archivists now invoke to their advantage, is part and parcel of localism and progression towards the dismantlement of democratric society.

Saul Alinsky

In their introductory notes to the policy document Building a Big Society, the Conservatives state:

"The new policies announced as part of the Big Society plan include: Neighbourhood army of 5,000 full-time, professional community organisers who will be trained with the skills they need to identify local community leaders, bring communities together, help people start their own neighbourhood groups, and give communities the help they need to take control and tackle their problems. This plan is directly based on the successful community organising movement established by Saul Alinsky in the United States and has successfully trained generations of community organisers, including President Obama." The policy document itself states: "In the US, the community organising endowment established by Saul Alinsky has trained generations of community organisers, including President Obama" (p.2) and again "In the US, generations of community organisers have been trained by Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, which trained Barack Obama as a community organiser in Chicago" (p.6)

As if the words organisers, army, community, communities, leaders and control and the name President Obama don't give the game away, the mere mention of the name Saul Alinsky which is given such prominence as the inspiration of the policy, should do, although SQA supposes the great majority of the Conservative rank and file are clueless as to who he is. Well, SQA can guide them.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph of 1 April 2010 (and no, it's not an April Fool's joke) Gerald Warner blows the cover of Cameron's policy and exposes his inspiration as a paganistic, amoral revolutionary. He states: "What is going on here? Who is running the Cameronian Party – Common Purpose? How is it conceivable that even the most bland, politically correct, centre-right “conservative” party could derive its flagship policy from the thinking of Alinsky, whose seminal work Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer? If, as one suspects, this is the brainchild of Oliver Letwin, he needs to be escorted expeditiously to the seclusion of a padded boudoir."

And you thought local government was now operating in a difficult and dangerous financial climate and that county record offices need to contribute their share towards savings? (Even though local authorities still recruit politically correct jobsworths? Even though public sector spending is increasing and set to increase further?) Well think again. In fact, we have come full circle: the present financial situation is known to have been engineered by the global financial elite so as to bring forward their plans for world government. The argument that the need to make savings is the reason behind reorganisation is bogus. The object of the debt crisis is to provide a pretext for reorganisation, for political ends.

* For uncensored video of the common law arrest by the UK Independence Party of a judge acting outside his oath of office, see here and here

There never did, there never will, and there never can, exist a Parliament, or any description of men, or any generation of men, in any country, possessed of the right or the power of binding and controlling posterity to the "end of time," or of commanding for ever how the world shall be governed, or who shall govern it; and therefore all such clauses, acts or declarations by which the makers of them attempt to do what they have neither the right nor the power to do, nor the power to execute, are in themselves null and void.

Every age and generation must be as free to act for itself in all cases as the age and generations which preceded it. The vanity and presumption of governing beyond the grave is the most ridiculous and insolent of all tyrannies. Man has no property in man; neither has any generation a property in the generations which are to follow. The Parliament or the people of 1688, or of any other period, had no more right to dispose of the people of the present day, or to bind or to control them in any shape whatever, than the parliament or the people of the present day have to dispose of, bind or control those who are to live a hundred or a thousand years hence. Every generation is, and must be, competent to all the purposes which its occasions require.

It is the living, and not the dead, that are to be accommodated. When man ceases to be, his power and his wants cease with him; and having no longer any participation in the concerns of this world, he has no longer any authority in directing who shall be its governors, or how its government shall be organised, or how administered.

Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, 1791-1792

. .