Monday, January 17, 2005

Will the real Malvine Project please step forward?

We possess a print-out of a page from the Malvine Project web site, dated 1 June 1999. There are no doubt some who would rather we did not possess such a document, as the current Malvine Project web site link and the version preserved in the WayBack Machine link have been substantially re-written.

The objects of the Malvine Project have always seemed at first glance to be innocuous, for example improving access to constituent archives by means of a homogenous unified database.

The fascinating thing about our print-out, however, is that it places on record an altogether more sinister and ulterior motive. We quote:

The final result will offer a common access to all kinds of authographic materials across the countries. This improved access will bridge the differences in languages and technical development and thus facilitate the growing of a unified Europe (editor's emboldening).

There is a world of difference between the words unified and united. Unified suggests political union or the creation of a single state, united suggests co-operation between independent states.

Thus archives are part of the process of creating an integrated European superstate.

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