Monday, January 24, 2005

Bollocks, Bullshit and Balderdash

Eurocrats, Europhiles and critics of Garth Bland, eurosceptic County Archivist of Loamshire will be disappointed to hear that Garth recently survived a life-threatening accident.

Whilst leaning on a bookcase in his office he dislodged a weighty quantity of booklets which hit him on the head from a considerable height. We are informed that Garth has now fully recovered from his injuries but not before suffering a temporary relapse after discovering the nature of what had fallen on him.

Taking them up one by one, Garth was both surprised by and suddenly reminded of the welter of reports on advancing the cause of British archives that had landed on his desk over the last few years. Significantly, they had all merged into one in his mind.

Did the Archives Task Force pass this way?

In no particular order, here they are:

Listening to the Past, Speaking to the Future: Report of the Archives Task Force Museums, Libraries and Archives Council 2004 read it online

Archives On-Line National Council on Archives 1998

Information and Communications Technology and the Development of Museums, Archives and Libraries: A Strategic Plan for Action, draft for consultation Resource 2001

Archives in the Regions: An Overview of the English Regional Archive Strategies Resource 2001 read it online

Using Museums, Archives and Libraries to Develop a Learning Community: A Strategic Plan for Action Resource 2001

South East Regional Archive Strategy: Making Sense for Archives SERAC 2001

Taking Part: An Audit of Social Inclusion Work in Archives National Council on Archives 2001

British Archives: The Way Forward, National Council on Archives 2000 read it online

Review of the National Monuments Record: Unlocking Heritage Information Part 1 Conclusions and Recommendations English Heritage 2004 read it online

Developing the 21st. Century Archive: An Action Plan for United Kingdom Archives Resource 2001 read it online

Changing the Future of Our Past National Council on Archives 2002

Government Policy on Archives Lord Chancellor's Department 1999 read it online

Final Report and Outreach Pack, Community Access to Archives Project National Archives 2004 read more

Already recovering from a sore head, Garth now didn't know whether he was in the past, present or future, going backwards, forwards or sideways, where he was going, whether he was active or inactive, sensing or senseless or what strategy to adopt.

Suddenly remembering he was due back at the coalface he threw them all in the bin and muttered bollocks!

. .