Thursday, December 23, 2004

Code of Ethics

Members are to strive to ensure the physical and moral protection of archives.

Members are not to undertake original historical research into their own collections, in conformity with Jenkinsonian principles.

Members are not to discourage any potential user from using archival material except in so far as required or stipulated by local deposit or legal arrangements.

Members should not bring other members into disrepute.

Aims and Objects

To promote the interests of qualified, professional archivists.

To promote the proper management, custody, conservation, exhibition and use of archives.

To promote Jenkinsonian principles in the archives profession in particular the concerns of physical and moral preservation of archives.

To promote the retention of collections in their entirety rather than their splitting up and discourage the poaching of part or whole collections by national or specialist repositories.

To press for legislation empowering chief archivists in local government to act to compulsorily acquire threatened collections.

To develop the relationship between qualified, professional archivists and their employers and enhance the status of archivists in their organisations.

To promote the appointment of qualified, professional archivists to serve in and manage archive repositories and institutions in local government, national government and in other sectors.

To encourage significant archive generating organisations to appoint qualified, professional archivists.

To offer impartial advice to fellow members of the Society.

To promote the assimilation of new technology into traditional archival professional practice.

To act as a forum for discussion on developments in the wider archive profession.

To serve as a conduit of information on wider archives issues to benefit members’ personal development.

To provide a voice for qualified, professional archivists working in a cross-sectoral environment.

To co-operate with other individuals and organisations sharing the same

To promote the development of the Anglosphere and the Network Commonwealth as the emerging network civilisation.

To recognise the importance and value of co-operation between UK archivists and Commonwealth archivists and archivists elsewhere in the Anglosphere.

To promote awareness of the value of archives in democratic, accountable and constitutional affairs.

To campaign against the political manipulation of archives and to ensure the avoidance of anachronistic interpretation and descriptors such as metric weights and measures.

To publish a web site to promote awareness of its objects and archives issues, to open email accounts and to promote archives in the wider blogosphere.

To pursue voluntary continuing personal professional development for members.

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