Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Die is Caste

SQA finds it has a strange new bedfellow.

The Indian History Congress has been bemoaning if not campaigning against the tendency of the Indian National Archives not to be headed by a professional.

Indian National Archives

This reminds us of our previous blog Jesuit of capitalism commenting upon the appointment of the current chief executive of the UK’s National Archives (TNA), Natalie Ceeney in which we observed TNA had never been run by an archives professional, quite the contrary of what some commentators like Max Hastings suggested at the time.

Quite what they mean by a professional is another matter but to SQA it can only mean a qualified, professional archivist. Can you be professional without being professionally qualified? Can you be a nurse without being qualified as a nurse? Can you be a doctor without being qualified as a doctor? Can you be a lawyer without being qualified as a lawyer?

It is apparent that one can qualify as an archivist in India so the option is available to the Indian Government.

Let us hope the concern in India and nearer to home one day culminates in a victory for the archives profession.

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