Monday, November 14, 2005

Northern Bollocks

We in SQA would not want to seem biased against the north of England in any way. Our regular readers will have noted our previous blogs on northern issues Historic charter goes missing and New regional super repository.

However, we are delighted all the same to turn our attention to the North West England Euro-Region. Here, as elesewhere, the minions of the EU have been busy.

Cheshire Record Office. One of many record offices reeling under implied criticism.

We refer to a shocking EU-funded document Engaging archives with Inspiring Learning for All: a report prepared for the North West Euro-Region of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) by Jocelyn Dodd and other members of the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries at Leicester University, published in 2005.

This report seeks to analyse the lack of take-up among archivists of the MLA's initiative Inspiring Learning for All in the north west. The entire report can be read here.

The report is breathtaking in its content and tone. The disregard for professional archivists in operating non-statutory services with minimal resources demonstrates how government initiatives have become far removed from the real logistical nature of local government and other record offices.

We await further offerings.

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Ashley Mote MEP

We extend a warm welcome to our third patron, Ashley Mote, independent Member of the European Parliament for the South East England Euro-Region.

Ashley Mote MEP

Elected in June 2004, Ashley has acquired a reputation for his tireless work exposing the corruption and fraud of the European Union whose accounts have been rejected for ten years in succession by its own auditors, the Court of Auditors. However, he is also alert to the constitutional and democratic implications of continued EU membership.

After working on The Farmers Weekly, including a spell as markets editor, he moved into the food industry with Unilever as a communications specialist. In 1972 he started his own international marketing business, with offices in Houston and Atlanta, USA, Geneva and London.

The loss of his business along with 100,000 other businesses, inflicted by the then Conservative government of John Major through the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) experiment, led Ashley to write Vigilance - A Defence of British Liberty. His second political book, Overcrowded Britain on immigration issues was published in 2003. He is a member of the Marylebone Cricket Club, president of the Hambledon Club and a Freeman of the City of London. His other interests include music, the theatre, good company and rugby.

In accepting our invitation to serve as an SQA patron, Ashley writes:

As a long-standing campaigner for, and advocate of restoring Britain's right to govern ourselves - a right which was never in the gift of the Heath government to give away - I heartily endorse the work of the Society of Qualified Archivists, and wish the organisation and its website every success.
Ashley Mote MEP, Independent, SE England

Further reading

Official European Parliament member's page click here

Personal web site click here

Our other patrons are Professor Antony Flew and Lindsay Jenkins.

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