Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lindsay Jenkins

We are delighted to announce that Lindsay Jenkins has accepted an invitation to serve as our second patron.

Lindsay Jenkins is a leading transatlantic author, researcher and broadcaster on European and international politics, living both in London and New York. She graduated from Bedford College, University of London, and entered the Ministry of Defence. After an MBA at Cranfield School of Management, she was associated with Fielding Newson-Smith and Morgan Stanley International in the City of London.

Lindsay Jenkins

Lindsay has written several anti-EU books of note.

Britain Held Hostage: The Coming Euro-Dictatorship was published by Orange State Press in 1998

The Last Days of Britain: The Final Betrayal with a foreword by Norman Lamont, was published also by Orange State Press in 2001 and is reviewed by our other patron, Professor Antony Flew in Freedom Today. He writes always scholarly citing the evidence...Jenkins deploys the shameful and frightening facts with the conclusion that Blair wants to end Britain as a country.

Most recently she has published Disappearing Britain: The EU and the Death of Local Government (also by Orange State Press 2005), an examination of the process of the dismantlement of the UK into Euro-Regions.

Other works include paper no.25 for the Bruges Group Godfather of the European Union: Altiero Spinelli with a foreword by Sir Richard Body MP. This work received special mention by the Czech MP Hynek Fajmon in his paper A view from New Europe read to the Bruges Group in 2003. In 2002, Lindsay delivered a speech entitled The Ultimate City Take-over to the Bruges Group International Conference.

In accepting her invitation to serve as patron, Lindsay writes:

Political correctness is a war of words, a surrogate for a real clash on the battlefields. Here we have ancient nations and peoples fighting, metaphorically, to be able to continue what they and their forefathers have regarded as commonsense rights including what is held in their libraries and archives. On the other side are emerging supranational empires which think they know best. I have no hesitation in making my mark for the longstanding freedoms of this country. Lindsay Jenkins

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