Monday, April 28, 2008

The Church of England’s hidden agenda

For those observant and critical enough, the signs of the Church of England’s tendency to support European integration have been there for some time. We recall the letter from the Dean and Chapter of Coventry to a national newspaper in which they collectively stated their support for European integration.

We recall the Bishop of Exeter’s exclusion of the UK Independence Party’s representatives from the regional forum for the South-West Constitutional Convention. We recall the new Prayer Book which includes a prayer for European Institutions. We recall the appointment of a bishop of Europe. We recall the CofE’s involvement in the Council of European Churches and the Soul for Europe programme.

The latest activities of the Church of England to come to our attention are the disposal of numerous cathedral libraries, we assume as part of an act of self-censorship for removing inconvenient printed evidence of the rise of the Protestant based British Empire. The Church has not gone so far as to burn its books in the style of the Nazi Germany in the 1930s but the abandonment of its printed heritage amounts to a most useful act of self-imposed Europhile collaborationism, suited to supporting the gradual dismantlement of the national institutions of the most hated and democratic country in Europe.

The Frauenkirche after restoration

After all, was it not Protestant Britain that stood in the way of Spanish, French and Papal attempts at achieving European or world dominance? The Protestant-based constitution of Britain also undermined later German attempts at defeating Britain in two world wars. The modern European and German domination of Britain is symbolised by the officially sanctioned abandonment of the ruined medieval Coventry Cathedral, destroyed by German bombing and the recent rebuilding of the Frauenkirche in Dresden, after destruction by RAF and USAF bombing.

So what prompts SQA’s latest concerns?

A Bible sold by Truro Cathedral

In 2005 Pusey House, Oxford sold most of its pre-Tractarian library; Truro Cathedral sold Bishop Philpott’s Library; and writing in The Church Times, Professor Jonathan Clark in an article entitled The C of E is losing its own history reports the sale of cathedral libraries from Bangor, Canterbury, Ely, Lincoln, Llandaff, Lichfield, Exeter, St. Asaph and Wells on AbeBooks. Manuscript items are included in these various sales.

The critics of these actions mainly express concern about the Church’s financial incompetence. The Truro sale, described by one eminent librarian as a disaster, raised £36,000 for stock eventually sold on for half a millon pounds. However, to SQA it looks rather more like self-imposed asset-stripping allied to Europhile tendencies.

We asked Benedict Crumplethorne, principal spokesman for SQA, to offer comment.

Two things come out of this, the Church’s naivety in relation to book dealers and the Church’s naivety in relation to politics. Somewhere hidden away in the Church’s institutions is also a rabid pro-Integrationist agenda which sits very easily with self-imposed asset stripping. European integrationism sits well in turn with ecumenism. And ecumenism sits well with Roman Catholicism, as the EU is clearly modelled on the Holy Roman Empire and is founded on the Treaty of Rome. If the EU are to be our new political masters, then so must the Roman Catholics in religion. In short, the CofE has seen which way the wind is blowing.

Our Lady of Europe, Strasbourg Cathedral

My own pet theory is that many clergy and laity support European integration because they believe regional integration conforms to and paves the way for a divinely ordained progression towards unified world government. The only trouble is that such regional or world government is ordained by man not God and the evidence of the EU’s tendencies is that they are totalitarian, not humane and liberal. However, even on this point, many Christians will still support totalitarian rule because they see neither democracy nor dictatorship as a suitable substitute for theocracy.

So with a few Europhile clerics leading the way, the sheep follow, blissfully unaware they are being led away to the slaughter.

And thank goodness for the Parochial Registers and Records Measure!

We thanked Benedict for his insights.

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