Monday, February 28, 2005

Oh, how inconvenient

Taking the good advice of the Archives Task Force, whose report Listening to the Past, Speaking to the Future he could clearly have taken to heart, Alistair McConnachie of Sovereignty has unearthed Tony Blair's Labour Party campaign leaflet from the 1983 General Election in Sedgefield, the constituency he still represents.

Tony Blair in 1983

One might say this document represents the direct, uninterpreted and authentic voice of the past (Archives Task Force Report p.12)

The leaflet reminds us of the Labour Party's pre-1987 manifesto policy of withdrawal from the EEC. No satisfactory explanation has ever been given by a Labour spokesman as to why Labour made a U turn on such a crucial policy area, one they are now supposedly keener on than the Conservatives.

In the leaflet, Blair states We'll negotiate a withdrawal from the E.E.C. which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs.

Tony Blair in 2001

In Birmingham on 8 March 2005 Mr. Blair stated to withdraw from the European Union is contrary to the interests of the economy and therefore the prosperity of the British people. How his public pronouncements have changed.

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