Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Genocide Convention

We must congratulate our patron Ashley Mote MEP for drawing attention to the European Union’s genocidal war against the British people. This is something SQA has expressed concern about previously in our blog The Natives are Revolting, in which we examined the implications of the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Ashley Mote MEP

This useful development has been reinforced by the Genocide Convention. Mr. Mote has asked the European Commission the following question:

Given that Malta appears to be the only nation state in the European Union that has failed to sign the Genocide Convention of 1948, can it be assumed the European Union considers itself a party to it? If and when the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, will the EU sign the Genocide Convention?

In which case, can the Commission explain how it will then defend its present activities and immigration policy in the light of Article II, and specifically sub-section (c)?

To save the Commissioner looking them up, I can remind him that the relevant words are:

Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group as such...(c) deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

As the Commissioner will have seen in my recent pamphlet J ' Accuse...! the effect of present EU migration policy has been systematically to destroy national identity in the UK, and - for that matter - in most other nation states. Given that the Genocide Convention makes specific and separate references to "national", "ethnical", "racial" and "religious" groups being threatened, (implicitly either in isolation or in combination) is it not obvious that the uncontrolled influx of economic migrants and the mass influx of Muslims to the UK represent real and present dangers which fall within the Convention ' s definition of genocide?

If not, why not?

We look forward to their reply.

Mr. Mote has correctly understood that the current large scale immigration Britain is experiencing is not the result of something conveniently called Globalisation, it is deliberate policy aimed at dismantling British society and national identity and forms an essential Leninist plank for Communist world government.

Against such large scale immigration and anti-British policies and viewed as an obstacle to Europeanisation, the guaranteed preservation of British archives, which enshrine our identity and rights, becomes highly questionable.

We asked Dr. Pochin Sturge, honorary consultant anthropologist to SQA, to comment.

I suppose the principal effect of mass immigration is to undermine social cohesion. Islam in particular challenges the existing legal as well as religious and political status quo in the UK. In other societies, similar developments are taking place, this is not unique to our ancient culture. I must congratulate Alethea on including a video supportive of Islam in her reading list. Balance is of the essence and in a way the defining characteristic of a healthy society. However, I must point out one glaring error in Dr. Sultan's diatribe. She states the Jews are responsible for most of the world's inventions. According to a recent Japanese government survey, I quote several web sites which quote their findings:

In electronic computing, the biggest new industry to arise in the last half-century, British brainpower provided the ideas, foreign industry reaped the profits. And that's not only true of computing. The Japanese Ministry of Trade has recently worked out that of all the commercially viable inventions in the world since the Second World War, 50% have been British. The next most innovative country, the U.S.A., with five times Britain's population and vastly more wealth and resources, was only responsible for half the number of inventions - just 25% of the total. The Japanese, who have who have the world's second richest economy, only came up with a miserable 5% of the inventions. The Japanese Government study concluded that if British inventions had been put into production in Britain it would have added a stunning £156,000 million to Britain's Gross Domestic Product. With last year's GDP being £1,317,000 million, that would have made us 12% better off - or an extra £2,836per person or about £10,000 per family (source) and

A Japanese government report advised that since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, c1780, 70% of innovations and inventions sucessfully used commercially by Japan originated in Britain; 55% since 1945 originated in the UK. The British Department of Trade reckons that this continued inability to exploit our own superior technological intellect costs Britain £165 billion annually (source)
We thanked Dr. Sturge for his insights.

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Pericles' oration to the Athenian war dead

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