Tuesday, May 31, 2005

NUTS 2 us all

SQA is not so busy celebrating the humiliating and crushing defeat of Europhiles in the recent French and Dutch referenda on the sinister EU Constitution that we cannot post another blog to further rattle their cage.

In this post, we reveal the Eurostat maps constituting evidence of the exact parallel between the apparently harmless regional boundaries now slavishly accepted by bodies supposedly preserving our heritage and the Euro Regions. These maps can be found listed here. The UK NUTS 2 map can be seen here. NUTS stands for Nomenclature des Unit├ęs Territoriales Statistiques or Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics and is thus an acronym devised by our French oppressors.

We have taken several opportunities to alert readers to the true purpose of regionalisation which is being conveyed by Europhiles as merely a tool for useful back-up or fund raising for the cultural sector. Please see earlier blogs on CILIP, academic support for the regions, the Balkanisation of Britain and the Museum, Libraries and Archives Council's regional agenda

NUTS 2: the EU's map of the UK

Regionalisation is of course a crucial step in the creation of an integrated European superstate by which national governments are by-passed by the regions and eventually rendered obsolete, thus raising the European Commission, the government of the EU, to uncontestable and unaccountable dominance.

In a NUTShell, one might say, the ambition is to give similar powers to the English regions as have already been given to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, except for the fact those regions (which as far as the European Commission is concerned is all they are) are still only part way to breaking their links with the UK government as the latter has still not handed over foreign policy and defence to the EU. When this happens, the regions will be the next tier down from the European Commission.

The Civil Service has regionalised, English Heritage has regionalised, the National Trust has regionalised, the Society of Archivists [sic] has regionalised and most recently CILIP has regionalised (see above link).

In each case, the map of each organisation's regions exactly coincides with the EU's regional maps like NUTS 2 seen above, even though the UK government and various cultural heritage bodies make no mention of the EU imperative behind their actions.

Readers are now able to compare regional boundaries for themselves to confirm independently the correlation between EU regions and the UK regions so often denied or obscured by Europhiles.

Further reading: some exemplars of NUTS


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