Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The rot sets in

We note with displeasure that the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) has reorganised its branches so as to conform to the Euro Regions.

SQA watches developments in CILIP with interest as CILIP is a kindred professional body and more than a few archivists have line managers who are members of CILIP.

Some time ago the Society of Archivists [sic] made the same decision to organise according to the EU regions and SQA has previously commented on the slavish compliance of the cultural heritage sector with the EU's demands, see The Balkanisation of Britain.

We wonder how many members of CILIP are aware of the true EU motive behind this development and the long-term cultural damage that will ensue?

CILIP states:

In the developing regional and devolution agenda, CILIP's Branches are an influential voice for the profession, whether in the Home Nations or the English regions.

So CILIP has redrawn the boundaries of its Branches in England, to ensure that they match the powerful Regional Development Agencies (RDAs), and allow CILIP's Members to deal with the RDAs, Government regional offices, Regional Cultural Consortia and other important bodies on equal terms.

This cynical, deceptive and propagandist statement makes no mention of the EU what-so-ever. Either this means librarians are no longer as well informed in current affairs as they used to be, they are dimmer than they used to be or their leadership thinks they are more ill informed and dimmer than they actually are.

Judging by CILIP's mealy-mouthed comments, they are unaware of the devastating blow dealt to the EU's plans for dismantling England into Euro Regions by Neil Herron's North East No Campaign when the proposed north east elected assembly was rejected by a massive majority of the north east's voters in the recent referendum.

The EU map of Britain

Compare CILIP's new branch boundaries and list of counties and administrative areas with the above EU map of England: click here

The spurious basis of this reorganisation is the Regional Development Agencies Act 1998 but SQA is aware of the true reasons: EU integrationism.

We are witnessing a crucial stage in the development of EU totalitarianism, the destruction of English cultural heritage, perceived by our European neighbours as the basis of our identity and opposition for centuries. And quite right too: England has withstood and even defeated their dictatorships and corrupt systems of government for as long.

Further reading: More on archives and the UK Euro-regions


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