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TNA, the New World Order and the Internet of Things

To countless historical researchers, many of them family historians and genealogists, to suggest a connection between the UK's National Archives and the New World Order (NWO) would seem far-fetched, even outlandish, always assuming they had even heard of the NWO. However, such a connection does exist and the disbelievers can now be challenged and informed.

Global warming hits the British Isles (2 Dec 2010)

The connection has been appearing over several years and SQA has blogged it at intervals. We have observed the influence of the EU's Malvine Project, TNA’s dabblings in Iraq, opaque organisational changes at TNA including a reduction in opening hours and TNA’s advocacy of fewer record offices and their replacement by regional offices. More recently TNA has associated itself with the NWO’s global warmism ideology, although this has been debunked by the revelations of Climategate.

Add to this the dumbing-down of history and teaching noted by Professor Frank Furedi, sustained and condescending attacks on Britain’s achievements, illustrated most recently by Prime Minister David Cameron’s apparently deliberate comment that Britain was a junior partner to the USA in 1940 despite the fact the USA only joined the Second World War in December 1941, we have a combination of propaganda, disinformation, lies, manipulation and deception on the one hand and cultural vandalism on the other.

An important part of the complex NWO strategy requires the EU (a regional part of the NWO), the puppet UK government and all NWO national agencies including TNA, to undermine national identity and people’s ability to analyse and critique historical and cultural evidence (and therefore understand their identity), through dumbing-down. The outcome of this is that the general public can be socially engineered to accept the NWO. It is very sad that as a promoter of Who Do You Think You Are, TNA is simultaneously working against national identity.

The latest cause for concern is the involvement of TNA in plans for governments throughout the world to turn the World Wide Web into a global database delving into all of our electronic transactions and each and every use of equipment, machinery and "objects" or "things" generally, hence the "Internet of Things", whether these "things" are vacuum cleaners, cars, computers or trees, linked to the Internet. TNA is given as the UK representative organisation on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), acting through the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI).

OPSI states “we want all data in one place, but we also want it to be decentralised” i.e. they aim that data should be controlled centrally by NWO but in such a way it can be drawn-down from the NWO Internet of Things for intrusive and monitoring use. Thus TNA is fully participating in the creation of a global database and Internet of Things which will enable monitoring of all human activities and active, interventionist control of all aspects of human activity.

It is sad and alarming that archives preservation, even digital preservation, now amounts to an active intervention in the dismantling of accountable government and parliamentary government. What would Sir Hilary Jenkinson make of this?

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The objective is greatly to empower and still more greatly to enrich the international classe politique at the expense of the peoples of the West, using the climate as a pretext, so as to copy the European Union by installing in perpetuity what some delegates here are calling “transnational perma-Socialism” beyond the reach or recall of any electorate.

Lord Monckton of UKIP, Cancun Conference, 2010



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