Saturday, January 22, 2005

Rapid Reaction Force

We read in The Times of Friday 21 January 2005 that the European Parliament is to establish a rapid reaction force of MEPs to visit and cajole Eurosceptics between now and the referenda on the EU Constitution.

Jens Peter Bonde MEP

Jens Peter Bonde, Danish Eurosceptic MEP, is quoted as saying the development is a sign of a totalitarian tendency. This is hardly surprising as the European Parliament has told its offices throughout the EU to respond within one day to unfair criticism. The inference is that any criticism of the EU is unfair.

We relayed this news post haste to Garth Bland, County Archivist of Loamshire, the renowned Eurosceptic. He reassured us that his own rapid reaction force was in preparation and would be even faster off the mark than the European Parliament's in combating inroads into British archives and institutions.

Europol HQ in Brussels: a former Gestapo HQ

In the meantime the offices of the Society of Qualified Archivists are being prepared for their first visit by Europol officers.


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