Saturday, January 22, 2005

European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)

Not only do we find that classrooms are being infiltrated by the pro-metrication lobby (see our earlier blog) but we find even the fiendish EU flag forms part of the political indoctrination of the nation's children, adult learners and public sector employees.

Promoted within the UK by the British Computer Society (BCS) the ECDL course literature contains the politically offensive and provocative EU flag of a circle of 12 stars.

Garth Bland, County Archivist of Loamshire, is one of many archivists who have recently attended the course. Garth attended much against his wishes and is seeing stars of a different kind. Not only a busy man, Garth deeply resented the fact he had already attended training in all the applications taught on the course, thus adding to taxpayers' costs, but his ire was further roused by the prolific use of the EU flag in the course material.

It goes very much against the ethos of public service for local government officers to be exposed to such political indoctrination, Garth told us. We accept our masters are the elected politicos and that we exist to implement their policies whether national or local but surely we must draw the line at being indoctrinated?

The BCS must take the blame for this, he told us. Naturally we agree and have thus added the BCS to our list of enemies of British cultural heritage although equally dangerously the BCS is also undermining the principle of not indoctrinating the public sector workforce which is something of a captive audience.

Garth's anger has been aggravated by receiving a condescending reply from the BCS after making a written complaint. Such condescension, Garth says, is proof the BCS is politically motivated and that the course, conceived by the European Commission for the private sector, is aimed not at improving the working population's level if knowledge of ICT but instead at indoctrinating a captive audience into acquiescence to the integrated EU superstate by the process we call Groupthink.

The ultimate irony is that the applications taught in the ECDL curriculum are American Microsoft inventions and the EU is restricting Microsoft's activities in the EU! What do they really want for Pete's sake, Garth added.


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