Friday, December 24, 2004

Equality for male archivists

Garth Bland, County Archivist of Loamshire and tireless campaigner for equality of employment rights and promotion prospects for male archivists, is livid.

He has contacted me to say he has been reading that obligatory fountain of all knowledge for archivists, The Daily Telegraph. The paper reports (23 December 2004) that the House of Commons Trade and Industry Committee is launching an inquiry into why women are falling victim to sex discrimination.

I can't see the issue, he tells me. The archives profession is largely populated by women. Some of the most senior members of our profession are women. My county is completely surrounded by women county archivists and all my staff are women.

We decided to investigate Garth's claims.

In neighbouring Pebbleshire Belinda Blinkinsopp is county archivist; in Upshire Hyacinth Haugh-Peake in principal archivist; in Westshire Davina Floggett is county archivist; in Groomshire Lucinda Bannister is principal archivist; in Wessex Angela Frump is county archivist and in Norrey Priscilla Dyke is county archivist.

Our investigations will continue.


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